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dr laurie larsen review   Lauren Greenburg
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

Being a current patient of Dr.Pearson over at Joya Women's Healthcare, I was recommended to see Dr. Larsen to talk about the Mona Lisa Touch because I was a good candidate for the treatment. The procedure was quick and painless. Dr. Larsen was super great and funny too!

dr laurie larsen review   Alexis M
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

When I saw that Joya Women's Healthcare brought in Dr. Laurie Larsen as their new in house urologist I was ecstatic because I've been searching for a female urologist in the Portland metro area. Dr. Larsen, exceeded all my expectations and I look forward to continuing my care with her!

dr laurie larsen review   Sara Tamiru
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Larsen for urological needs. She is very invested in the needs of her patients and works to find the best treatments!

dr laurie larsen review   M Collins
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

My wife had the MonaLisa Touch procedure done by doctor Larsen and it has changed our life's for ever. Thank you so much!

dr laurie larsen review   emeraldcity89
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

An exceptional treatment

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been coming in for my MonaLisa Touch treatments and couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I have gained my confidence back and am beyond greatful that I came across Dr. Larsen and the Joya Women's Healthcare team.

dr laurie larsen review   tammytam_
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

A positive experience!

I would strongly recommend Dr. Larsen. She is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. The staff were super sweet, funny and welcoming. Looking forward to my next session!

dr laurie larsen review   reyofsunshine
mona lisa rating1 year ago, MonaLisa Touch

Thank you Dr. Larsen!

Dr. Larsen is such a wonderful physician and I am blessed to have met her. I came in after seeing an ad for the MonaLisa Touch therapy treatment since I was experiencing symptoms. I’m so happy I went through with it because it completely changed my life for the better.

dr laurie larsen review   Mila00654
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Alternative For Breast Cancer Survivor

I was having gynecological issues and needed relief immediately. The burning and the tearing was unbearable to the point I dreaded going to the gynecologist. Having breast cancer in the past I have been unable to use anything that involved estrogen so when Dr. Laurie Larsen suggested the MonaLisa Touch as an estrogen free alternative to help with my symptoms, I told her to sign me right up. Because of the nature of the instruments used, they used lidocaine to numb the area first which really helped. I completed all three therapy sessions and I’ve been pain free and have been enjoying life more since.

dr laurie larsen review   Barb2010_
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Truly Life Changing!!

I am 52 and a mom of 4 (Billy, Ben, Blake, and Branden). Throughout the years, I have been having difficulty with urinary incontinence, and dryness which led to having painful sex. This was creating a burden with my husband. So, after doing research, I came across Dr. Laurie Larsen at Joya Women’s Healthcare who knew exactly what I was going through. She was so knowldegable in explaining the procedure and answered all of my questions since I was feeling pretty nervous. It was so easy and fast! I highly recommend this procedure for women who feel like giving up because this has truly changed my life.

dr laurie larsen review   stephrnani
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

I had a great experience!

Loved the office. The staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Larsen has been very helpful. She is very caring, explains everthing clearly, and is very excited about her practice! Mona Lisa Touch is helping me a lot with a chronic skin condition!

dr laurie larsen review   Samuella
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Incredible One-Of-A Kind Treatment

When I learned about the MonaLisa Touch, I thought it was only for menopausal women 45 and up. During my last visit with Dr. Tuesday Pearson, she told me that this procedure would help with my recurrent vaginal infections. She introduced me to Dr. Laurie Larsen, the in-house urologist who specialized in the procedure treatments. Dr. Larsen told me that it would help combat the issues I was dealing with. Needless to say, my symptoms cleared up and I have been issue-free since. Oh! And I am 25 for anyone who was curious.

dr laurie larsen review   GeorgiaMD
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Amazing treatment !!!!!

Going in to get my first treatment, I was extremely scared. After all... I don't think there is a woman on the earth that really looks forward to having a laser in that area. After having the consultation with Dr Larsen, I felt a lot better. She really took the time to talk with me and put me at ease. We went ahead with the treatment and it was so quick and easy. I barely felt anything and the healing was a breeze. I started noticing a difference in my dryness and irritation really soon after the 1st treatment and after the second and third I was amazed at how different I was feeling. I would recommend the Mona Lisa Touch treatment to any women that has the same dryness and irritation problems that I was having from menopause.

dr laurie larsen review   msoregonmom
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Overwhelmed by the results

I've been suffering from vaginal dryness for the past decade and have tried everything out there to no avail until now. It actually made a pretty big difference I would say it's 60% better overall so I'm very happy with the results.

dr laurie larsen review   sandyshoreOR
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch


I was very skeptical about the outcome aka cost benefit of the Mona Lisa procedure when i first started researching it. I ended up going into to Joya to see Dr. Larsen for a free consultation. I had my second procedure 2 weeks ago and i have to say it has changed my life i am so happy with the outcome. Honestly i would have paid 5 times as much as i did if i knew the outcome was going to be like this :-) I should also note that i shopped around on the price and Dr. Larsen was $300 less then the next lowest price i found.

dr laurie larsen review   CAROL1952PDX
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Major reduction in symptoms!

Laurie was great she did a great job explaining everything and she made me feel comfortable. I decided to try the Mona Lisa because I was experiencing extreme pain with intercourse, multiple vaginal infections and bleeding after sex. I worried every time I had sex about the pain it was awful. After having the Mona Lisa Touch treatment once i noticed a major reduction in symptoms. After the second treatment i felt like i was myself and i was relieved to be able to enjoy sex again. I have yet to do the 3rd treatment yet but i am looking forward to it.

dr laurie larsen review   ASHOR1945
mona lisa rating2 years ago, MonaLisa Touch

Much better than I expected!

Dr. Larsen was great she went out of her way to make me comfortable and she even accommodated my work schedule by seeing me late in the afternoon. The Mona Lisa Touch laser procedure was completely pain less much better than I expected. I know I’m not supposed to see results so soon but I think I might already be experiencing some pain loss. If you are looking to have this procedure done In Portland I would highly recommend Dr. Larsen at Joya Women’s Healthcare.

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dr laurie larsen review   Lisa B.
mona lisa ratingApril 15, 2016 - Source: Zocdoc

Dr. Larsen is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable urologist who treats her patients with respect and courtesy. She is professional, thorough, amiable, and an attentive listener. My experience with her and her office staff has been nothing short of the best. I highly recommend her.

dr laurie larsen review   Initials hidden
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

the doctor was excellent. the reception and check out staff were fairly unpleasant. none of them cracked a smile. it wasn't that they were acting professionally, they were not nice; even yelled at an older person checking in for not understanding a policy.

dr laurie larsen review   Vicki S.
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

I was a little apprehensive but whole experience great! Felt like she really listened!

dr laurie larsen review   Susan B.
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

Very professional. Very thorough

dr laurie larsen review   Charles S.
mona lisa ratingFebruary 3, 2016 - Source: Zocdoc

Dr. Larsen was very thorough and professional. I felt very comfortable talking with her. She noted all of my past history and scheduled tests to pinpoint what my problem is. Office staff was very courteous.

dr laurie larsen review   Initials hidden
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

She really is a wonderful physician. She takes the time to address health concerns. The office is very clean and the nurses are very nice. Top notch doc!

dr laurie larsen review   Jane B.
mona lisa ratingNovember 3, 2015 - Source: Zocdoc

Thought she was great. Sat and listened, took her time with me. Glad I found her

dr laurie larsen review   Paul S.
mona lisa ratingAugust 31, 2015 - Source: Zocdoc

This physician has the patient's comfort in mind and gives due consideration to history and current condition. It was my distinct pleasure to add Dr. Larsen to my medical team.

dr laurie larsen review   Initials hidden
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

The Doctor was very professional , friendly, she is running all the tests that she needs to make the right calls on my treatment

dr laurie larsen review   Marie L.
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

Finally a Doctor who is kind, informative and professional. I wish there were more like her. Her staff is also top, and the office and examining rooms spotless.

dr laurie larsen review   DM
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

Excellent. I was very impressed with the friendliness & efficency of all the staff, also the cleanliness of the office. This is also the first time in my 74 years I have been admitted prior to the time of my appointment. 5 stars.

dr laurie larsen review   CF
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

It was GREAT --> Fast & complete with a care plan ahead.

dr laurie larsen review   Initials hidden
mona lisa ratingApril 6, 2016 - Source: Zocdoc

dr laurie larsen review   Initials hidden
mona lisa ratingMore than 1 year ago - Source: Zocdoc

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