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Tissue regeneration begins immediately after a Monalisa Touch laster procedure and lasts for several weeks. Positive results are reported to be common soon after the initial treatment, including hydrated mucosa tissue, thicker epithelium and a tightened, toned vagina with more elasticity in the skin. The procedure also aims to restore the pH of the vagina, thus minimizing the risk of infections.

Every woman's body is different and it's not possible to make any definitive claims. However, in our experience and from the data provided throughout the world from Monalisa Touch, (over 25,000 women treated) most patients feel some improvement after the first treatment. In fact,

  • Many patients have reported that they experience relief right away.
  • Virtually all patients have experienced relief by the second treatment.
  • Virtually all patients have an escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment.
  • Maximum results are seen after the 12 week, 3 treatment cycle.

In both European and US clinical trials, women reported symptom relief after the very first treatment and even greater improvement after treatments 2 and 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mona Lisa Touch is a medical laser that stimulates both surface and deep layers of vaginal tissue to produce collagen and promote blood flow and restore vaginal lubrication and elasticity. In the Stanford University clinical trial, 96% of patients were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the treatment with highly statistically significant improvement in symptoms including dryness, pain, itching, painful urination and painful intercourse. The women in the trial experienced no side effects or adverse reactions and showed an escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment.

The treatment involves a painless, five-minute session performed in a doctor's office. No anesthesia is required and most women report only a gentle vibration while the slender laser probe is in the vagina.

No preparation or fasting is required. After changing into a gown and a quick examination to evaluate tissue elasticity and dryness, local anesthetic cream will be applied to the vaginal opening to ensure that insertion of the probe is 19 completely pain free. The procedure is done in the same room where you would have a routine gynecologic exam, and yes, you need to put your feet in the stirrups and scoot to the end of the table! You will be given very attractive eye wear to protect your eyes, a routine precaution whenever a medical laser is used.

The laser wand is then placed in the vagina and over the course of 3-4 minutes rotated and repositioned to ensure that all tissue is treated. A different laser piece is then used to treat the opening of the vagina, and if necessary, external vulvar tissue. After the treatment you will rest for a few minutes with a cool compress on the vulvar area to assure no discomfort. You are then free to go about your day's activities.

Over 25,000 women worldwide have been treated. There have been no reported significant adverse affects and the overwhelming majority are pleased with the results.

There are no long term studies since this technology has only been available since 2008. Patients should expect to come back annually for a maintenance treatment.

The treatment is not covered by insurance. However, we do offer many forms of financing and are proud to offer a no risk, money back satisfaction guarantee. We also offer a 6 month price match guarantee on all of our MonaLisa Touch treatments.
See our current pricing and offers here.

Most patients feel some improvement after the first treatment, and an escalation of progress with each subsequent treatment. Maximum results are seen after the 12 week, 3 treatment cycle.

The Mona Lisa Touch Laser system has been FDA cleared as safe to use, however it has not been specifically FDA approved for treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (vulvovaginal atrophy) or painful intercourse. Therapy using the Mona Lisa Touch laser has been documented as an appropriate and efficacious treatment for vaginal symptoms due to menopause in the medical literature. This is an "off-label" use of a device which has been used in a medical setting in thousands of women. Doctors often use medications and devices beyond the original FDA approval when supported by the medical literature. A good example of this is birth control pills which are often prescribed for treatment for treatment of heavy or painful periods even though birth control pills have never been FDA approved for this purpose.

Three separate procedures are recommended. Dr. Larsen works with each patient individually to figure out what the best time lengths between treatments will be best.

Other than refraining from sexual activity for two to three days, there are no restrictions.

Yes, the Mona Lisa Touch treatment is particularly well suited for patients who cannot, or prefer not to receive estrogen therapy.

Most women that have pain with intercourse not only have discomfort from dry vaginal walls (internally), but also have dryness and loss of elasticity at the opening of the vagina and surrounding tissue. (The vulva). While some clinicians only treat the vaginal walls, I treat both areas to ensure the best result.

In clinical trials, women who were treated with the Mona Lisa Touch were evaluated using the same criteria as women in estrogen trials. Women who received laser treatments demonstrated the the same tissue changes (proven by biopsy) lowering of vaginal pH to a normal pre-menopausal level, and a significant decrease in pain with intercourse. Having said that, there is no published data directly comparing vaginal laser treatments with estrogen. That clinical trial is currently in progress. Results are anticipated in the next year, so stay tuned.

The severity of dryness and tissue damage is different in each woman, and just as some women still need to use a lubricant after treatment with estrogen, some women may require a lubricant after laser treatments.

In the Stanford University clinical trial there was a highly statistically significant improvement in symptoms including not only and painful intercourse, but also itching and painful urination. While this is promising, there were only 30 women in that trial and more data is needed to evaluate the effect on the urinary tract. At this time, I am only recommending treatment for women with vaginal and vulvar dryness and pain.

Preliminary data (not yet published) suggests that CO2 laser treatments may benefit women with lichen sclerosis. This is another area where investigation is ongoing.

Mona Lisa Touch has the longest track record, not only as a company with other laser technology, but with vaginal laser treatments. More important, Mona Lisa Touch is the only vaginal laser system with data published in scientific peer review journals.

While it is not a difficult procedure to perform, only urologists have the expertise to evaluate every part of a woman's pelvic area to determine the cause of your pain (sometimes pain during intercourse has nothing to do with vaginal dryness and will not be helped by a laser treatment). Dr. Larsen is also board-certified which means she has gone beyond the normal training and keeps up to date with the latest techniques and procedures. Read more about Dr. Larsen's incredible expertise here.

At this time, the Mona Lisa Touch is not covered by insurance. Please visit our services and fees page for price information.

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